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JQ tips #

Disclaimer #

There is no need for this nonsense. Refer to this awesome person: Lzone jq cheatsheet

Installation #

sudo apt install jq

Filtering (Grepping) for specific key values, then selecting a specific key afterwards #

  • Example given: Bloohound collector’s json data. Finding hosts with Unconstrained Delegation.
    cat 20210401_computers.json|jq '.computers[] |select(.Properties.unconstraineddelegation ==true) |'

Printing 2 or more values #

  • Example: For priting the email and password/hashed_password from dehashed at the same time
    cat dehashed.txt|jq '.entries[] | {email,password}'
    cat evilginx_sessions.json|jq -r 'keys[] as $k | "\(.[$k] | .name)=\(.[$k] | .value)"' 

Last update: November 16, 2022