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Track or Trace a domain user's host machine #

Description #

  • Used when Bloodhound does not give you the host where a user is logged-on or has session on
  • Long term tracking of the host that a user is logged-in to
  • Note: There are much better ways than this, you can use this when you don't have any more options
  • Can be used for monitoring a target's behaviour/routine/tasks and accessing host machines of VIPs for PoC/screenshots (i.e. Executives)
  • (part of Impacket from @SecureAuthCorp)

Tools/Instructions #

  • If does not work (somehow) running Sharphound with sufficient domain privileges usually does the job, but if not:
    • Crackmapexec:
      cme smb -d <domain> -u <Domain_Admin> -p <Password> --loggedon-users x.x.x.x/XX
      cme smb --local-auth -u <Local_Admin> -p <Password> --loggedon-users x.x.x.x/XX
    • Event Viewer:
      • On the Domain Controller: Windows -> Security:
        • Filter Event IDs:
          • Windows 2008 R2 and above: 4624
          • Windows 2003 and below: 540 or 528

Last update: January 22, 2021